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Brian H Speers | Northern Ireland

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Brian Speers is one of the most experienced legal mediators in Northern Ireland.

In 2010 – 11 he served as President of the Law Society of Northern Ireland.  He is now Treasurer of the Law Society of Northern Ireland. He has devised and teaches the ADR and mediation training programme for solicitors, barristers and judges run by the Institute of Professional Legal studies at Queen’s University, Belfast.  He is the Chair of the Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) administered by the Law Society.

He is a long-time member of the Education Committee and has undertaken vocational training review for qualification as a solicitor in Northern Ireland. He is a Council member of the Commonwealth Lawyers Association and at the Conference in Melbourne in 2017 was elected as Vice President of the CLA.

Recent speaking engagements :

Fordham University, New York, Dispute Resolution Conference, June 2011.
“The role of experts in mediation” at the International Bar Association Annual Meeting 2012 in Dublin in October.
“Mediation as a gateway to Court” Cape Town, Commonwealth Lawyers Conference, April 2013
“Mediation across the Commonwealth” Mediation Conference, Belfast, May 2014
Mediation Panel Chair Commonwealth Lawyers Conference, Glasgow, April 2015
“Mediation in Society” Fordham University, New York, May 2015
Mediation Training for the Law Society of Namibia, Windhoek, February 2016
“Mediation and the Courts” Commonwealth Lawyers Conference, Melbourne, March 2017
“Mediation – a commonwealth perspective” SADCLA Gaborone, Botswana, August 2017
“Mediation – an essential tool for lawyers” Kuala Lumpur, August 2018

Brian has been interviewed on various print and broadcast media about mediation and has written extensively about mediation particularly in the journal of the Law Society of Northern Ireland.  He has contributed the chapter on Mediation in Northern Ireland for a book – Mediation in the EU.  He was on the Mediation sub Committee for the Review of Civil Justice in Northern Ireland conducted by Lord Justice Gillen and was the UK nominated mediation expert to the CCBE (Bar Associations across Europe) for their publication of a guide to mediation for lawyers.

Brian is an experienced solicitor and mediator.  These include disputes involving professional negligence, construction disputes, matrimonial, partnerships, shareholders, commercial contracts, product liability, sports clubs, intellectual property and defamation and have involved private individuals, corporations and Government departments.