Justice Dr Mumba Malila

Justice Dr Mumba Malila | Zambia

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Justice Dr Mumba Malila was admitted to the Zambian Bar in 1989. In his legal career spanning over thirty years Dr Malila has left his footprints in virtually all aspects of the legal profession in Zambia. He took silk as State Counsel in 2006.

Prior to his appointment directly into the Supreme Court in 2014, Dr Malila served in various positions in the Zambian legal profession including those of a private legal practitioner, University law teacher, Assessor and Lecturer at the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE), corporation counsel and government advisor. Among the many public service appointments he held, the one time Hon Secretary of LAZ, was a Member of the Judicial Service Commission, the Law Development Commission, and the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission.

Justice Dr Malila also twice served as Attorney General of Zambia and leader of the Bar. He was ex- officio Member of the Zambian Cabinet. He has also served as Chairperson of the Zambian Human Rights Commission, Vice Chairperson of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Chairperson of the ZIALE Council, Chairperson of the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee and Chairperson of the Anti Money Laundering Unit in the Drug Enforcement Commission.

Justice Dr Malila holds an LLB from the University of Zambia, an LLM from the University of Cambridge and an LLD from the University of Pretoria. He obtained a Certificate in Human Rights from the Rene Casin Institute of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He recently completed other LLM studies at the University of Cumbria.
He has authored three books, co-authored one, has contributed several book chapters and is author of numerous articles in peer reviewed journals.