Sydney Chisenga

Sydney Chisenga | Zambia

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Sydney is the head of the Dispute Resolution, Public Policy practice; he leads and handles high level commercial litigation cases which include high-profile tax disputes and other major regulatory litigation. He has also represented 5 major mining companies in litigation regarding electricity tariffs against the energy regulator in Zambia among other high-profile cases. Recently, Sydney advised Sun International in respect of the competition approval for the acquisition of Sun Hotels in Zambia by Minor Hotels. He also advised Equinox Minerals Limited in obtaining competition approval from the CCPC in respect to the takeover of Equinox by Barrick Incorporated. Sydney is an expert in competition and consumer protection law, specialising in complex merger clearance and defending clients in abuse of dominance investigations and legal actions by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) including cases before the Competition and Consumer Protection Tribunal. He is a trusted advisor to major corporations in sectors including manufacturing, transport, IT, telecommunications, consumer and retail, mining and resources, on all types of disputes. Sydney is a frequent speaker on competition law to a variety of fora such as the Africa Competition Conference and Global Competition Review. Sydney is considered an expert in Zambian and African competition law. He is also listed as a competition law expert in Zambia by the World Bank Global Competition Group and the COMESA Competition Commission. He also contributes articles on Merger Control in the “Getting the Deal Through” publication and is a contributor to “Doing Business” annual publication by the World Bank.